Borghese CuraForte Brillante Brightening Moisture Intensifier


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This oil-free lotion soothes and brightens skin and helps restore its moisture balance. Utilizing advanced technology and formulated with Borghese's exclusive Acqua di Vita� Complex to enhance the absorption of ingredients for optimum hydration. Fortified with two Dermapeptides to help firm skin and increase elasticity. Leaves skin looking radiant, luminous and glowing. Moisturizes, softens and increases skin elasticity Evens skin tone and corrects complexion imperfections by helping to reduce the appearance of surface spots while illuminating dull complexions Formulated with Rice & Yeast Protein to help enhance elasticity and reduce appearance of wrinkles while helping to improve skin tone and texture Citrus Unshiu Extract helps diminish appearance of dark spots and even skin tone Made in USA

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