Borghese Cura-C Vitamin C Renewal Treatment Kit


  • $39.00
  • Save $13

Borghese Skin Care Set Borghese builds on its highly successful Cura-C Vitamin C franchise, so loved by loyalists for its effective, direct delivery of nature s powerful, skin-saving anti-oxidant. Now, all of the corrective, restorative and protective benefits of stabilized Vitamin C are formulated into a three-step professional peel system that works to hydrate the skin as well as restore brightness and luminosity. Uniquely developed to diminish the irritation and dehydration commonly associated with peels, Cura-C Vitamin C Renewal Treatment Kit is gentle enough for most skin types, as it works to resurface the complexion and encourage collagen production. And this all-inclusive peel system is as simple as 1-2-3!

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